Family and Children

Parental Allowance

Mothers and fathers are entitled to the Parental Allowance after the birth of their child. The following conditions need to be met:

  • Your place of residence is in Germany and you have a valid residence permit
  • You take care of the child yourself
  • You live in a household with your child
  • You do not work at all or do not work more than 30 hours a week

You can obtain the application form for this at the town hall of your place of residence.

You will also need the following documents to forward the application to the L-Bank:

  • Completed application for Parental Allowance
  • Copy of residence permit
  • Birth certificate of child for whom Parent Allowance is being applied
  • Birth certificate(s) of other children under the age of 6 living in the household
  • Proof of income for the last 12 months before the birth
  • Certificate of maternity benefit from the health insurance company


Child Day Care Facilities

Children under 6 years of age can be registered in a day care centre of your choice. They are a supplement to education in the family. You have to pay money for your child to attend the day care centre. If you do not have enough money yourself, you can apply for support.

You can find a suitable day care place for your child in your place of residence by searching your municipality’s website. Links are available under the heading Living in the District.


“Landesfamilienpass” (State Family Pass)

All families with at least three children are eligible for a State Family Pass. Single parents are entitled to receive the State Family Pass with only one child. In addition, families who have a child with a severe disability can apply for the State Family Pass.

Families with at least one child who receive Hartz IV benefits, child supplement or families with at least one child who receive benefits under the Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act can also apply for the State Family Pass.

With the State Family Pass and the new annual voucher card, families can visit castles, gardens and museums throughout Baden-Württemberg up to 20 times free of charge or at a reduced entrance fee.

You can apply for the State Family Pass by simply calling in at the town hall in your place of residence (see Living in the District).