When you read an advertisement for a flat/apartment, you will find lots of abbreviations. Here are some of the most important ones:

AB Old building Mtl. Monthly
Abl. transfer amount* NB New building
B Bathroom NK Service charges
Bj. Construction year NR Non-smoker
BK Operating costs OG Upper floor
D Shower RH Terraced house
DB oder D’bad Shower room RMH mid-terrace house
DG Attic REH Terraced end house
DHH Semi-detached house SZ Bedroom
EBK Fitted kitchen Tel. Telephone
EFH Detached/single family house WBS Certificate of eligibility for public housing
EG Ground floor WE Residential unit
ELW Granny annexe Wfl. Living space
FBH Underfloor heating WG Shared apartment
HK Heating costs Whg Flat/apartment
HWR Utility room WM Rent including additional costs
KM Basic rent** ZH Central heating
KoNi Kitchenette Zi. Room(s)
KT Deposit ZKB Living room(s)/kitchen/bathroom
m.F. with window ZKD Living room(s)/kitchen/shower room
MFH Apartment house zzgl. plus
MM Monthly rent
* Money paid by incoming tenant to buy furniture/fittings from outgoing tenant
** Basic rent without additional costs


Housing benefit

Under certain circumstances, you can apply for housing benefit to help with your rental costs.

Important: As a rule, housing benefit is not paid to anyone who receives:

  • unemployment benefit II and income support according to Book II of the Social Security Code (SGB II),
  • welfare benefit or
  • basic income support in old age and in the event of reduced earning capacity according to Book XII of the Social Security Code (SGB XII).
  • Similarly, housing benefit is not paid to those who receive benefits under the Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act (AsylbLG) if the costs of accommodation have already been taken into account in the calculation of this benefit.

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Applications for housing benefit can be obtained at the town hall of your place of residence or at the District Administration in the Office for Social Assistance, Assistance for the Disabled and the Elderly.