Health Insurance

In Germany, everyone must have health insurance. To obtain health insurance, you need to register with one of the health insurance companies. You can decide for yourself which health insurance company to register with.

There are several ways to register:

  • You go to the health insurance company in person
  • Your employer registers you

If one of the spouses already has health insurance, the other partner (if not working) and the joint children (up to a certain age) can be insured on the insured spouse’s health insurance free of charge.

After registration, you will be sent a health insurance card, which you will need from now on for visits to the doctor.

If you have a job in Germany that is subject to social insurance contributions, you are already covered by health insurance. Either as a member of the statutory health insurance scheme or a private health insurance company.


Costs for medical care

As a rule, the costs for medical care are covered by health insurance. However, every now and then, you have to pay a mostly small contribution of your own. This applies in particular to medicines prescribed by your doctor. Certain persons (e.g. children, etc.) are exempt from these costs. This is specially marked on the prescription.

For fellow refugees, the costs for necessary medical treatment are covered by the Lower Reception Authority; however, this only applies if refugees receive benefits under the Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act (AsylbLG) and do not have their own health insurance.

The doctor then settles directly with the Lower Reception Authority, so that refugees do not have to pay anything when visiting the doctor. Refugees receive only the most necessary medical services in the first 15 months after entering Germany.



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Counselling for older people and their relatives

In the Waldshut District, there is a so-called nursing care support point.

Here, people in need of care and those at risk of needing care, as well as their relatives, can obtain information free of charge on all aspects of care, provision, preventative health care options, legal representation and much more.

It is a neutral counselling centre and, in addition to information on statutory benefits, also provides information on regional assistance services and assistance in claiming benefits.

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See Family and Children


General hospitals in the district

Klinikum Hochrhein GmbH
Kaiserstraße 93-101
79761 Waldshut-Tiengen

Phone: 07751 85-0
Klinikum Hochrhein

Loretoweg 10
79780 Stühlingen

Phone: 07744 5310
HBK Stühlingen



If you or your child are sick, first see a general practitioner in your area. If further treatment by a specialist is necessary, you will be referred to that specialist.

If you are looking for a doctor, you can look in the telephone book, in the Municipal Gazette or on the website of your place of residence (siehe See Living in the District). Another possibility, especially if you need a specialist, is to search the Internet at the following address:


In an emergency, you have two options

1. Dial 112 in case of danger to life and in serious cases. You can reach the emergency and rescue service with this number. The telephone number is valid everywhere in Germany.

2. You can also drive yourself to the Accident & Emergency Department of a hospital if you are able to do so. Emergency departments are open around the clock.


Addiction counselling and prevention

People get into addiction for a variety of reasons. Whether this is addiction to alcohol, other drugs or gambling, it is often difficult to find a way out of this spiral alone. In many cases, the home environment also suffers and family members may even become co-dependent.

However, it is sometimes important to protect people from a possible addiction and to show them other ways of coping with the problem early on.

You can get help and advice on this topic here:


Information on various health topics in several languages


Breast cancer

Breast cancer affects us all. Pink Ribbon Germany provides an app for this purpose, which contains important information and helpful tips.
This app is available in several languages.